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People engaging in this practice are called street performers or buskers.Performances are anything that people find entertaining.Performers may do acrobatics, animal tricks, balloon twisting, caricatures, clowning, comedy, contortions, escapology, dance, singing, fire skills, flea circus, fortune-telling, juggling, magic, mime, living statue, musical performance, puppeteering, snake charming, storytelling or reciting poetry or prose, street art such as sketching and painting, street theatre, sword swallowing, and ventriloquism.

For the fundraising pledge system also known as the Street Performer Protocol, see Threshold pledge system.

Street performance or busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities, though "busking" is particularly associated with singing or playing music.

In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts may be given.

Street performance is practiced all over the world by men, women and children and dates back to antiquity.

The verb to busk, from the word busker, comes from the Spanish root word buscar, with the meaning "to seek".

It was used for many street acts, and title of a famous Spanish book about one of them, El buscón.Today, the word is still used in Spanish but mostly relegated for female street sex workers, or women seeking to be set up as private mistress of married men.Ze had het aangekondigd in onze krant: ­Céline Dion zou in Antwerpen voor de eerste keer haar single Uncore un Soir live brengen.Een moeilijk momentje voor de zangeres, het nummer is een eerbetoon aan haar in januari over­leden echtgenoot René Angélil. Dion koos voor de korte pijn en zong meteen die nieuwe single na het openingsnummer Trois Heures Vingt dat op de begrafenisplechtigheid van haar man te horen was. "Busker" and "busking" redirect here; for the element in a corset, see Busk.This article is about the form of public entertainment.