How to start dating a shy guy

If you are attracted to a shy guy and you are tired of waiting for him to approach you, it is high time you take matters into your own hand and express your feelings for him and after that is when you would get to know more about him and if he is really interested in you or not.

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Guys are often the ones who fire the first salvo or make the first move when it comes to dating.

This may not be the case for the men who are too shy to approach a girl.

Shy guys (like all other men) have feelings and are equally attracted to members of the opposite sex but they are many times let down by the fear of the unknown of “what if she declines?

” They simply don’t have the nerves or the courage necessary to approach and start a conversation with a girl even though they are interested in her.

Shy men are fairly tough to attract because they're not used to taking the initiative and may feel intimidated or threatened if you push too hard.

Some girls don't like shy guys because they appear insecure or indecisive.This is a shame because in many cases a shy guy is just what a girl is looking for: sensitive, thoughtful and caring.Attracting a shy man takes a little more work, but the results are often worth it.If he isn’t approaching you it is because he has a fear factor and it’s crucial you approach him and start a conversation with him and in order for that to be a possibility here below are some of the things you can do.He could be your classmate, workmate, neighbor or any other shy guy you happen to meet somewhere but what should you do if you are interested in him and he isn’t opening up to you?That is the million dollar question many girls ask and continue to ask which needs a serious answer.