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I hope you will continue to grace your fans with wonderful female roles, that show women as strong, sensitive, feminine, fearless, gracious, clever, witty and much more. KEWL, to have more STILLS of yourself x Zhang Han (very dashing/handsome).. Healer was a very great tv show and one of the reasons why was of course her exceptional acting.. Congratulations on your last years KBS Drama Awards. Your latest drama Healer is one of the best I've seen. You and Ji Chang Wook had such wonderful chemistry and appeared to be a PERFECT COUPLE! Then, I saw you at "I am Sam" you were so fantastic in that drama. I'm your super duper fan,especially the Min Min couple but sad to say that you and Lee Min-Ho Oppa broke up. Dear Drama Critique or whatever bullshit name you made up to sound legit, stop acting like your opinion is the only right one, if healer was such a waste of time then why the f**k did you come here to waste some more?

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Love you min young, I miss you so ooooo ooooo ooooo much, my sweet min young, my number one korea star, you are irreplaceable In my heart, fightingggmin young, love you, waiting for a new drama from you. Love u always ur smile always cure my heart and take away my worries.

Looking forward to watch Yu Fei but come back soon with awesome Kdrama like Healer/SKKS.

But I completely changed my mind, when I saw her in "Healer". U look so cute have watched all your films and I adore u in all, u are my number one Korea actress, pls don't stop smiling, you rock girl, I'm practicing to be always happy as you. First, I'd like to say what wonderful growth you've shown in your acting skills and ability to move my heart in your drama Healer. we always love you, Success...min young Park min young, thank you for your wonderful acting in healer. nobody asked you to do so, you're f**king pathetic. I wish A BIG SUCCESS for you PARK MIN YOUNG and your upcoming drama HEALER.....

well base on this, I think LMH is afraid to lose his fame and big earnimgs that's why he prefr to break her heart rather than break his chance of gaining fame and wealth. what matters is the people who would be by your side when all else go downhill famous or not.

I know for a fact based on his last interview in which he said that he was not as brave as kim tan to go against what or who his fan want for him.

Saranheyo uri Min Youngssi ♡ I'm hoping that that Lee Min Ho guy would regret his mistake of breaking your heart PMY. Ur cheerful strong personality always keeps me going and gives me strength.Among my favorite dramas, Min Young is in three of them: Healer, City Hunter, and Remember. I like her role in city hunter ,healer,and remember specially.... I do like this actress in drama "Healer", but I don't like her in "Remember" I just hate her hairstyle in "Remember." Why does she need to have THAT wig. I am watching "Remember" only because of Namgung Min. Glad to have your character in this story-line and plot. you also show bubbliness in the way you laugh amd smile. xx.min young is really great actress specially in healer i really like her acting in iam sam she so cute..unnie fighting im always support you you deserve to be a best actress in korea. Definitely one of my top favorite actresses of all time I like her so much ...acting skill is best among all the actress ...... I love you so much :* saru from Nepal - mount Everest...... I was really expecting a lot from this current drama, and as always you haven't disappointed. I really admire you when it comes to acting, modelling and interview. you exude with elegance and intelligence that nobody does.So far all the men in main roles are GREAT, wishing for a great drama and health this year! This is the 2nd drama I am watching you in, and I've become a fan! I guess even after off-camera, she's a nice lady... Just keep it up, Miss PMY, wishing you all success!! Though someone is not male enough to fight for your love i'm praying that someone will replace him that is better than him in every aspect. Sincere wishes in your 1st Debut Chinese Drama...**Braveness of the Ming** whilst Filming with your Delightful Team Crew.. love you unnie min young @Libelle yeah me too..i don't really like her in City Hunter also i mean she seemed like having the potential at that time but still not really there yet..I didn't realize you were in City Hunter, now I am curious to go back and re-watch along with a few others. She's not afraid to take the risks, on whatever roles she gets... It will be so awesome if Chinese Entertainment Officals can AIR it at an earlier date (wishful thinking)..rather 2016.. Please keep sending your selfies, BTS, Stills, photos thru. But i suddenly changed my name when i watched The Cat back in 2012 followed by Dr. She's just awesome & got prettier than the last time.. I saw you at "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" for the very first time, and I fell in love with your acting, you were magnificent, beautiful, your acting was super fantastic, and I love that drama.